Saturday, May 19, 2012

No Ma'atic Islam?

Many in the current Afrocentrist community, which unfortunately has often degenerated into ideological dogmatism, are quite perturbed by my discussion of ‘Ma’atic Islam’. One recent critic fumed:    

“I printed this 55pg report and the last page says MAATIC ISLAM. STOP STOP STOP with the bullshit. Kemetic spirituality goes back 15,000 bce and Kemet is the daughter of Ethiopia, so Ethiopia goes back further than that. How the hell u goin to mix some 670AD BULLSHIT with Afrikan Antiquity? Just stop with the maddness. Everyday another nail is put in the coffin called religion so now in a last effort of the matrix... religion wants to play this game that we are all the same... that there is a connection... no that is called plagerism. ALL RELIGIONS stole from Afrikan spirituality and now there is an awakening a new consciousness. Every 10yrs the people that leave religion doubles. That heaven and hell bullshit or a holyman coming out the clouds or on a goddamn spaceship that hype game is over, no one is buying tickets anymore. Wesley Muhammad lambasted Kemet now the nigga wants to lick boots with this ebook. When new wisdom comes to the ignorant it comes in three steps. 1. it is ridiculed 2. it is condemned 3. accepted as divine revelation. Afrikan people come home, come home to divine revelation. Give the European and the Arab back his plate of shit and eat from the sublime plate of Afrikan culture. HOTEP!”


Another scorned critic wrote recently as well:

“Wesley Muhammad wrongly teaches what he calls “Ma’at-Islam”. .. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. While his statement makes no historical sense, it is good religious propaganda for his agenda. Ma’at predates Islam by thousands of years. While it has some Afrikan origins, Islam is an Arabian religion which copied from everything around it.”

I will be addressing these and other criticisms in a lecture in Chicago, June 23

And in my book which will debut then.