Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Islam and the Kemetic Sciences

Baba Rafiq Bilal (d. November 28, 2008) and Thomas Goodwin's work, “Egyptian Sacred Science in Islam: The Sacred Science of Ancient Egypt as revealed in Al-Islam (1987),” was groundbreaking. The great Professor Dr Wade Nobles, who wrote the forward to the book, says that it is a “thoroughly supported bridge between Islam and the Ancient Kemetic understanding of the most Holy of Holies.” Despite my issues with some of the claims made in the work, it is a trailblazer like Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan’s, “The African Origin of the Major ‘Western’ Religions”. According to Bilal and Goodwin’s research, “a serious study of the ancient religion of Egypt and the religion of al-Islam reveals the two to actually be different expressions of the same truths (p. 147)”. The study of these two traditions convinced Bilal and Goodwin that:

“God Almighty presented essentially the same truths to the pre-historic Egyptians who built the fabulous civilization upon the principles of the Sacred Revelation, as He presented thousands of years later to Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah in the Holy Qur’an. Holy Qur’an is the purification and refinement of this ancient system of knowledge. The truth from God is one truth. In order to convey the body of knowledge which they received, the ancient Egyptians developed the most elaborate educational system in the history of man. Prophet Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet (the Umi Prophet) received and transmitted the same body of knowledge through revelation many thousands of years later…”

Bilal and Goodwin document the nexus between the Qur’anic lexicon and historiography and Kemetic Sacred Science. They document that:

“Within the pages of the Holy Qur’an, wrapped in the ancient Arabic language are preserved the following aspects of Egyptian history and sacred science (among others): 1: Concept of God, Nature and Knowledge…”

Through the Zayd Institute of Islam (ZII) we will demonstrate to the world that Islam, before its Aryanization, and Ma’at (Egyptian Sacred Science) are two spiritual fruits from the same African tree


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