Sunday, February 5, 2012

Islam: The Lost Tradition

Most Muslims and non-Muslim observers of the Muslim World are totally unfamiliar with Islam as it was originally established in Arabia and spread to the corners of the earth during the first century of Islamic civilization. The original Ummah – the Prophet and his Companions – looked, lived, and believed much differently than what would become almost universally recognized as “Arab” and “Islam” much later (and today). While today the ethnic face of Islam is White ‘Arab’ (or Persian) and the characteristic belief is in a totally immaterial, formless deity, the ethnic face of early Islam for the first century was Black Arab (i.e. African Arabian) and its characteristic belief was in a transcendently powerful and divine God in human form, itself a characteristic feature of Global African Spirituality. This original, mainly Black Ummah and its Islam were swept away in the tide of the Persian, Byzantine, and Turkic converts to Islam who, subsequent to the so-called Abbasid Revolution in 750 and through other means such as miscegenation, came to not only dominate the political apparatus of the Islamic Empire, but also indelibly shape Islamic culture, law and theology. That original ‘Islam’ was lost. Islam went from being an African, ‘Southern Cradle’ tradition - a cognate of other related Southern Traditions (like Ma’at in Kemet) - which was characterized by a Pro-Black and Black Power ethic, a respect for womanhood, and a theology that was consistent and continuous with the so-called Common Theology of the Ancient (Black) Near East, India, and ancient Africa, to being a non- and anti-African, anti-Black, grossly misogynist ‘Northern Cradle’ tradition characterized by a theology that departs radically from the original Islam and thus from the Common Theology of the Ancient (Black) Near East, India, and ancient Africa,  and instead reflects the theological and racial principles of a toxic mix of Zoroastrianism, Hellenism, and Byzantine Christianity. My work and that of a few others is to rediscover and reconstruct that ‘lost’ tradition of Islam.    

Islam: The Lost Tradition by Dr. Wesley Muhammad     

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